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【Commissions Open 🌟】 【 0/9 slots】
If you interested contact me here, on pixiv or discord: kazuma#3882 . And feel fre to ask me anything.
-send reference images, if possible
-I don't draw real people
-The payment is made after the sketch is ready
-changes only in the sketch phase
-the wait time to receive your piece is 1-2 weeks after the payment
-USD only.

Hello. I'm here again. Hope you like it.
If you like my work, visit: or patreon;com/draxstudios

nothing represents hatred more than how a prey hates a hunter! And... I like a gimmick of switching roles

Yes, Day 13 Hate Sex

and... My new characters sprout from nowhere, the lion cub and the antelope thug.

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