I still have fun with this two (and this two seems to have fun two).

Just some flat color and a quick shadow. Still a wip, but is going fine for now.

I still don't know where i'm going with this, but I have fun
. And yes of course, the male orc had to be black, we are QoS or we are not.
:licklips: ๐Ÿ† โ™ ๏ธ

Finally in color. Not totally satisfied, I still have to work my way of coloring, but I am more and more happy with it.

It's an old meme but i finally give it a try. Here my kink jars.

Easter season coming soon, so i prepare some Bunny Justine and Bunny Bimbo Justine in reverse bunny suit. I also drew some of my wet side story. Color coming soon.

For the story, Justin is a guest at Kayla's, but he didn't know he had to bring a swimsuit and pajamas, so he borrowed some from Kayla. He discovered his feminity like that and that he loves Kayla's father very much.

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I just wanted to draw a young Justin (before he become Justine), and like always I needed a context... So this is Justin, his BFF Kayla and her father, Jax. Idk where I'm going with this (comics or just illus), but here they are.

New avatar (again). With Bimbo Justine, i wanted to give a new look to my avatar. I tried blond and pink hair too and idk wich one is better.

I wanted to give a shot for a Bimbo Justine, and Mama Justine came out of nowhere.

I was not satisfied with my avatar, not very good with Digital drawing and inking. So i make a new one, drawing and inking in trad + digital color.

New Year = New Me. This is my new avatar for 2021, Justine is't a genderfluid person anymore, but a trans girl now.

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