Oh man I remember in Aggretsuko season 2 Retsuko had flashbacks of when she was a little girl and damn would I not mind fucking little Retsy and slurping on her pussy /3

I want to lay Asriel down and kiss all over his cute tummy and then suck on his little penis owo

Asriel's tasty little plump goat butt πŸ˜›

I got called a dollar store version of Shadman once.

I never get tired of wanting to grope Asriel Dreemurr's cute little goat tushee and burying my face deep into it!

I want to grope his thick blue kitty buttcheeks and rim him!

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Screw Nicole Watterson, I'd rather bang her hot son Gumball!

I want to lay Cream the Rabbit down on the bed and spread her legs and slurp her cute bunny coochie!

Don't know if I'll be as active anymore. My need to draw cub art has burned out.

I never get tired of wanted to eat Asriel's plump little goat booty!

I wouldn't be surprised if some people get iffy when I comment on their art since I'm now a problematic artist to them.

I'm kinda worried someone will find my InkBunny but at the same time most of my art is rated nsfw so they'd have to make an account themselves so they can see it.

@biggerboys It just sucks cause there's barely any weight gain artists here.

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Is kink art of teenage characters even considered loli and shota?

If I were Toriel I'd feed Asriel all the pies he wants until he's as wide as car! My precious fatty baby!

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