3 Way clip up on Fanbox. It'll be public in 1 week.

Big thanks to my fanbox fans, keeping me working.
You can support my work and see the clip now at erokord.fanbox.cc/

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Merry Xmas!

"Mmmmmm empty what's in those fuzzy sacks! Empty them all over me! I want what's inside! My little cunny is slobbering and trembling just thinking about it!"

[Skoid wants a little loli of his own that talks like this for Christmas]

newsite.pomf.tv/stream/EroKord playing Front Mission and watching Falling Down and Shinobi no Mono for 2021

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Betty's Christmas Present

Video: files.catbox.moe/gdtgvb.mp4

Betty asked her daddy for a puppy for Christmas. Money is tight in the sector 7 slums, so when he found a stray dog Betty's daddy hoped he wouldn't disappoint. Betty was overjoyed, and only got happier as the day went on.

You can support me at fanbox, where, barring special cases, you get access to more WIPs and new art 1 week early!

newsite.pomf.tv/stream/EroKord Going live. Gonna give it a few minutes before I start the movie. Going to be working in Blender while watching Johnny Mnemonic!

In honor of Cyberpunk 2077, when I stream some Blender work tonight, I'll also have Johnny Mnemonic playing. Great cyberpunk movie starring Keanu, with a host of other familiar faces including Beat Takeshi.

Betty's Christmas Present is up on fanbox. It'll be posted publicly on Christmas!

low qual preview frame of the final that's exporting as we speak. I call this frame "When the Knot Hits"

Christmas WIP. Hoping to get it done for the 18th for my Fanbox supporters, to release it on Christmas publicly.

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newsite.pomf.tv/stream/EroKord streaming. Gonna look at setting up hair physics? Gonna try animating Adult Tifa's reactions

Frame capture from the additions made. Lil Tifa is posed a bit better, DoF and lighting changes, and I've started on Lil Aerith's animation. Rendering it out now to take a look.

What main project do I work on next:

Here is a preview pic of my latest video, commissioned by sith (Big thanks!)
It was a hard battle to get it done.
It's up now on my fanbox
It'll be up on Pixiv and here in a week though if you're patient and managing your covid budget.

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