@BlehUwU kinda the opposite for me. Man on feral animal doesn't really interest me much. It's only hot if the animal is antro enough. Like, a fox girl getting fucked is hot to me, but an actual fox getting fucked isn't really.

And seeing a little girl fucked by a feral dog is really hot to me. Probably mostly because it is a little girl being fucked, but I think the bestiality taboo also adds to it some. I could see getting bored of it if I saw it more though.

@gm92 he's a real cutie ☺️ I love the silly tongue out one πŸ’•

@Yadiel gohan-chan is a cutie ☺️ I wanna tickle his tiny pp 🀀

@pixlopix so cute ☺️ those are perfect toys for a small child to learn and play :3

@Tatum69@lush.moe phew, that's a relief! wouldn't want any children going unraped

@cetarn looks great πŸ˜€ she'll get that knot in some day 🀀

@DurianGray @Nomec104 yes, lovely little cute innocent children. ☺️ I would love to join them in their little outdoor play time and try not to be a third wheel while showing them some fun stuff they might not know about yet. πŸ’•

@TabooLover21 yeah, and you have to mask the sounds she makes and her "being fucked" facial expressions by pretending to innocently tickle and bounce her on your lap. So inconvenient.

@DurianGray Horray! It looks like she has some other quite nice paintings too. I hope she does some more like this one. ☺️

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