Give a horny boy privacy, a new toy and lots of free time and you'll end up with this

No mind Poni -- Poni simply testing the limits of his current laptop.

Sadly, not quite as capable as Poni's old laptop. TT (this picture was hard to render!) <<;

But hooray for still being able to draw! ♪

You're welcome.

Poni is still around! Only that Poni's laptop died.

Currently working on a reeeeally old laptop, until Poni can gather funds for a new one.

In any case, the chubby loli won't be stopped. ♪

A lovely girl at the countryside with a lovely green dress, and a little green friend. They match colors!
I think I'll do some more country girls chilling in nature and cottages in the future, hope you don't mind. 🌻

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