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Also, replying to commission requests might take a while. I take commissions through FA,IB, Baraag, and Discord so it can be anywhere from a week to a month for me to start the commission process with new notes. If urgent, shoot me a message on Discord.

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I really need to start uploading old sketchpages on here. Here's one from last year of Selim from FMA

Ended as a sfw render, but added a quick dick afterwards

Been thinkin of Ryoma and Teruteru lately, probly do a warm-up of the chubby chef next.

Drawing from last month, no small dick version though. Dom shota are the best

Also, this wonderful render of Beast Boy was done by my bf <3 I love his work so much

Big dick shota is sweet but not everyone likes it so I made a normal sized alt

Bit of a longer warm-up this time, Orson from Scary Godmother
I always thought he was cute <3

I need to make time to do holiday shota drawings, but didn't make it this year. Happy Halloween <3

Looking through some old folders for roughs to post. Here's two pages of a Sadwick comic that I want to get through eventually

@JerseyDevil 's taking my huge like a fucking champ~ Lalafell are known for being incredibly elastic.

Max gape by @JerseyDevil
(I'm still a lalafell, but I can have alts, right?)

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