@Jcm2 That's some Yabba-Dabba-Dicking alright. XD

It's probably less of a social taboo to rape your daughter, if your best friend is helping you out. Makes as much sense as a Stone Age with dinosaurs. :P

Love your rendition of loli Pebbles, her tense completely terrified expression and her absolutely helpless pose!

@Jcm2 Pebbles is super hot little baby/toddler, love seeing her get more love.

And on today's episode of characters I never thought I could jack off to:

@Jcm2 So... Betty and Wilma are with Bamm-Bamm now? Knowing you, I'm 90 percent sure he's being asphyxiated (by facesitting & choking) and fucked with a double dildo at the same time by those women. 😁

@Jcm2 Pebble's face looks like she's silently crying out, "Yabba dabba don't!"

@Jcm2 Ah, you've made this tiny redhead is hot as hell! 😍 :pebbles:
"It's only me, sweetie, keep your tears for the moment when uncle Barney join in!" :fetlife:

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