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Femboy and girl sharing a dick 

I colored 2 of the gift arts @KisekiTemiro made for me and @inu! Thank you again for these, panties :blobaww:

Painting her sleeves was very neat i should do this thing of coloring-in other people's outlines more often

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You so yea now i got a :curiouscat: cuz if i don't have any proper drawings to upload about my ocs i could at least answer questions about them. Ask away! :cat_slime:

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Slimeboy OC, there a pseudo dick 

Here's my , Algae, who is another of mine married to Amy :cat_slime:

Todd is his bastard tsundere baby 🦀

Ft. extremely more detailed character sheet compared to the last 3

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Nsfw, loli, femboy, tomboy milf 

New OCs, with L O R E and everything :cat_slime: , the marriage boy came first and expanded from there.

All 8 other spouses and his father are still to be designed, but if you want to design any of them (or suggest a new spouse, for the matter :blobcatpeek: ) just hit me up and i'll gladly see what we can do!

Suggestion: it's the year of the tiger, it is time for more calvin & hobbes porn, we're in severe lack of it

So apparently I wrote one number wrong for my bills and none of them have been paid. I owe 1500 and royalty screwed. I’m opening commissions to help pay it back.

Sketch pages (3/4 drawings) are 30
And a doodle is $15 (+10 for another person)

Check my posts to see samples! Dm me here or on Twitter if interested. I draw everything but furries, scat, vore, diapers, inflation, and mecha.

I've Made an update to the Rune Factory 4 Mod!

Changes are:
-Added Human Venti Nude art
-Added Kiel Nude + Erection

And with that we're nearly done with what we have planned!

Art is made from the wonderful @James_Silvercat PLEASE go follow them, check em out, and toss them a commission!! :blobheart:

Here is the download for those that use the Gender swap mod:

Here is the normal download for those who chose female character

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This was supposed to be a background for the i just posted, but didn't work so i just rendered it into a isolated piece instead

(it's still themed with the show's stuff so it counts) (best general tag i could find for a )

Kipo solo comm (2020)
Did this comm sometime last year but forgot to upload it.

not a loli but she's too cute for me to not post this here

job search (help wanted, feel free to share) 

Hi, so, it looks like I'm looking for a job again, as a sysadmin, developer, or translator.

I do not have any formal qualification unfortunately, because institutionalised education just doesn't work for me.

• I have (hobbyist) experience in server administration and have been running my own services for almost a decade now.
• I am fairly familiar with Rust, Python, OCaml, shell, and have basic knowledge of Lua, Haskell, Scheme, Racket (also with Java, JavaScript, C but I'd rather not touch these).
• For whatever that's worth, I spent two semesters studying computer science at HU Berlin, one studying computer engineering at TU Berlin, and
almost finished a two-year apprenticeship as an IT specialist (german „Fachinformatiker Systemintegration“)
• I am fluent in German, English, and Dutch.

Due to circumstances I'd rather not elaborate in public I need very flexible working hours and the option to work from home. I also don't really know how many hours I can actually work; during that apprenticeship I never managed more than four hours a day or four days a week. That was in an open plan office, and maybe I
could work more under the right conditions, but I'd want to start at ~10h/week and see if/how that can be increased later.

So yeah, if anyone knows someone who knows someone, etc, feel free too refer them to me

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