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Hey people, y'now < >?
Yeah, the comics thing.
No i don't have a comic there.
But hey, wanna gain free ink AND give me free ink? Here's my invite code:

-> THEH356C <-

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Yo, will try too this year, for some reason i see more smut potential than normal this year.
May i ask for clarifications for misfit, tread and ripe as i'm not native to english?

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So, i found this and believe it's the prompt list, and as a non native english speaker, wtf are hootenanny, rockabilly (google offered Betty Boop with tatoos and Elvis Presley) and aquabat?
Hope to be able to do all of mermay this year, wish me luck

Hey guys....
If a couple of you could commission me, that'd be great.... I don't have much food left and I don't have any money either

β€œactually joe i hope celebrities keep posting those condescending self-pitying videos. it’s producing a visceral hatred the likes of which i’ve never seen. the kind of hatred that fuels a revolution.”

Do "not giving any characters any feature whatsoever" counts as "always giving all characters the same features"?

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Just paid for the domain renewal of baraag for another 4 years.

My phone survived with nothing but a stain :anidab_left: :akkoshrug: :anidab_right:

bad news, checkpoint post 

friggin h*ck, why i gotta work for money? I don't wanna do that, capitalism suuuuuccccks


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