On honor of on of PBX's drawing.

Web 3 23 104


@bartman @JABcomix This is the closest one I can think of but I'm pretty sure it's actually one that's with original characters but I can't for the life of me find it online.


@JABcomix Oh man! Wasn't considering looking at any of the comics, was certain that it was a stand alone pic. Well now we know! Well done on the picture either way Jab!

@PussyBoss I mean, do you have the drawing? Know where it is?

@JABcomix but that isnt the right form for a center. Her three point stance isnt right...

@JABcomix Yo do you have any idea what the heck is going on with pbx or even milftoon?

@PussyBoss I don't know anything about Milftoon but I know that PBX is a prolific artist. You tell me what's going on.

@JABcomix they haven't updated in months. They used to do at least two big dumps of content each month but it got to the point of like once every two months and now it's completely stopped. Also PBX is an OG (just like you 馃憣 )

@PussyBoss Maybe they made enough money to retire and are on some island enjoying mojitos.
I'm sure the artists that worked for them have more info.

@JABcomix except they're still charging for membership and haven't communicated anything. Would be great to know a way to get onto PBX

@PussyBoss @JABcomix PBX & JAB were among my big influences for going online with my own efforts. This was one very fine tribute!

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