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Well, I found a solution to my pinned post plight. Apparently you can share links to private posts but they won't actually show unless you're following.

Because of this, I'll just post the link to what I wanted to be my pinned message, and only followers can visit the link.

Here you go!


Does the Clemont/Bonnie PokΓ©mon ship have a name?

Been feeling unwell the last couple of days, so not only did I forget to post day 5's piece for , but I might be unable to make more for the time being. Oh well, take this piece with Konata Izumi because she's super cute in her swimsuit.

Admittedly I didn't have any good catgirl lolis for day 4 of so I searched for one and found Diona from Genshin Impact. She's... cute, I guess.

I know I just used Ashley for day 2 of but when they mentioned twintails for day 3, I really couldn't think of anyone else to use.

For day 2 of I put Ashley in pajamas and gave her what looked like a really fun night.

Decided to it up and put Nanako Dojima in a randoseru pack and nothing else.

So you've got Yutaka Kobayakawa, an adorable cinnamon roll of a loli, living at horny otaku Konata Izumi's house with her pervy af dad... and not a single person has made any porn with that idea?? The idea that Sojiro and Konata could be having casual incestuous sex at home, and they do it in front of Yutaka, hoping she would join in?? This is a gold mine of ideas here!

Hmm... I need more of Penny Crygor doing sexual experiments

The world needs more Alolan casual public nudity, especially with Mallow and Lana's families

Just today, someone made a model of Penny Crygor's newer design, and I decided to make a more accurate edit. It's not my favorite version of her, but it's the best I got.


Found myself a Gladion model, so now I can make him and Lillie bang while Lusamine watches with satisfaction. ...Always wanted to make them do that.


A piece I did a while back with Kobayashi and Kanna based on that one scene we all know. I forgot to post it here...

It's about time: I've finally lewded this crazy gal! I still haven't seen all of Tanya's anime, but she's still adorable and needs dicking down.

I wasn't planning on making this public because the Sojiro model was custom-made. However, I realize I didn't use the model on any public accounts, so I'm still safe here.

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incest, age difference 

Fellow pervs gotta stick together, banging their relatives.

(Repost of a previously private post, now made public)

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