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baraag is being really really big gay and not allowing me to post two GIFs so go check them out on pixiv

akira kogami stuff

Commission by @roza4957

Time for some mercenary dexterity training. You might think it's a run of the mill gangbang, but it's so much more! In reality, it's the most intensive cardio training a very yong boy can get! Think of how hard it would be to deal with four horny men normally, now imagine you're a five year old boy! Once Gat can get used to pleasing a whole gang of adult cocks then sprinting through a street will be a cake walk... at least that's what the men around him said.

Commission by

I've always liked Niko from oneshot, he's a good little catboy. And I really wanted to show him how to sit back and take dick like a good catboy does. So we swapped clothes and I introduced him to some friends of mine. Enjoy these two cute lil cat cocklets~

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