@Imoryokucha It does sound sexual
But it needs something

"I will"
Otherwise it's telling someone to sneak into their own room

If it's their room, they do not need to sneak in :laughing_cirno:

I will sneak into your room tonight


Sneak into my room tonight

Does this sentence sound sexual?
"Sneak into your room tonight."
Am... This sentence is the YOBAI of Japan.

I'm sorry If my writing is hard to read.
I think Absolutely difficult to read...

Where were we?
It's about Colch.
She hates her own evil eye and stretches her hair to cover one eye on purpose.

Lower right.
Her name is Repens Clover.
Her is human.
Her is knight.
She has delicate sword and gun.
I drew a figure her gun.

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This is character sheet.

Upper left, Her name is Rizalea.
Her is dragonewt.
Acona and Rizalea is roommate.

Lower left, Her name is Acona.
Her is dragonewt.
Her has a long tale with poison needle.

Upper right, Her name is Colch.
Her is dragonewt.
She makes her living by processing her scales into armor and swords and selling them to humans.
She has evil eyes.
The evil eye can paralyze the creature on the line of sight and render it inoperable. baraag.net/media/EyKlmtNZAaxT3

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