you ever wake up so horny that if it were possible you'd fuck literally anything?

@Nebukhanezzar Lack of funding forced me to shut it down for good.

If you weren't able to get your data off of, you should be able to use Baraag's search to find your old profile and get some of your data.

There it goes. R.I.P,, 2020-2021

I've also been thinking of picking up streaming again. Either on Pomf or Twitch or DLive. Seeing as I can't find much work, I figure I'll just stream and see where it takes me...

I bought . Saw some footage on it, saw it was a super pretty game, and saw it was like Tarkov but with less rage and more cool shit. Here's hoping for hella fun!

Even with lush closing, I'm likely only going to post normal content here, essentially replacing my dead ass Twitter account.


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