Have requests open! Will mostly be sketches or flat colored if I really like the idea. Lolis and lewds welcome!

Check my dA page for more info: deviantart.com/ilixya/journal/

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My end of an art trade with the illustruous Astaroth, featuring my Cieli (left) and their Jordan (right) enjoying the company of some friendly alien critters~

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People really seem to like space bab. Makes me even more proud of the effort put into that piece qwq

Decided to doodle my bab, Pepper, fighting with some space monster. She can be pretty rude sometimes...

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Washed Ashore Pic Series!

Featuring Berry, Gava, Kiwi, and Washed up Mandick on the shore.

Im gonna start Making Pic Series to boost Up Juizzy Fruits activity

A lil body practice. Trying to keep everything 3d and nice and stuff

The ultimate question. Which do you prefer? Cant be both.

I have such a hard time getting anything to look 3d or not flat or displaced qq I really need a lot more practice

Taking NSFW comms over on dA. Could always ask me through here or on Pixiv though if you want one


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Damn, just noticed how popular the unbirth pic I posted on Pixiv is. Im guessing that if it ever reaches 2k views, Ill draw the before picture as well

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Marnie Pukamon Sword and Shield
Goth girl Gets Hard Fucked!

Patreon More Animations: patreon.com/ploxy

People really want me to draw loli huh XD

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