So I finally got a fanbox!
Pls come support if you’re interested πŸ™

don't say her name thrice unless you're ready to get SUCC.

A super fun commission from @croyven of Lori popping in on Lincoln for a quick pic :p

If you want a commission like this, don't be afraid to dm me here or email me @

jazmine and cindy from the boondocks
i love the result of this picture, looks so similar to the original show X) :yanagiyuu_heart3:

gert doodles from a drawpile with the candyvan broskys.

cya next year

Some half Fanart, half self indulgent art of one of my many ships. inspired by a fanfic written by SapphicPerfect1 ( with a slightly aged hilda and johanna. It was really cute so why not?

Dragged my feet postin' this for a while. mom and daughter ships just really get me, that level of intimacy in that sort of long running relationship with how high contact lesbian sex is, is the perfect combination.

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