I heard of what's going on with Exhentai. I have downloaded the current zip which is all in a MEGA file. From now, until there may be another alternative, i will be updating the MEGA with my newest uncensored images.!KVhQjCxS!fCVFFaxhQE

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@Hoshime Fuck. The Netherlands sure love to rape the lolicon supporters in the ass recently.

@Hoshime I was planning on asking you about this. Thank you so much :blobheart:

@Hoshime wew thanks I was panicking before I could save this

@Hoshime What happened with Ex-Hentai?

I just heard that is shutt down but not the reason why

@Hoshime Thanks, I'm really bummed to have learned about this a few hours ago. Even when we establish another alternative and have thousands of people salvaging what they can, we won't be able to get it all and lots of art will be lost forever. I'll do my part and save some of the oldest pieces that don't have any torrents, when a new place is up I hope it will be in a safer area without these foolish laws.

@Hoshime We are blessed by your divine will. Until we find a new haven again.

@Hoshime How will you update this file if it's zipped?

This makes me sad. And worried. The circle for lolicon is slowly getting smaller and smaller...

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