I'm looking for a 2nd opinion from another lawyer in my jurisdiction.

US law is heavily flawed when pets are considered. Pets get screwed over in wrongful death by other animal. To the law, my dog is comparable to a TV.... this bothers me a lot. This is why people go mad and take the law into their own hands.

The people responsible for my dog's killing are broke worthless pieces of shit. I finally got a reply from a lawyer and ultimately it would be disadvantages to file a civil suit since they likely don't have insurance and a court order is only good for the paper its printed on.

I just got back from my first session of grief counselling, it was preliminary. My therapist says I have been traumatized, I will continue to get through this.

i think i'm fucked. I lose on this. I argued with a lawyer that was out of my jurisdiction and i believe i have nothing but to lose in this ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

he declared a dog is considered an abject and my emotional distress wont be taken into account.

so the assholes responsible for my dog's death are most likely going to get away with it... they saved the pit bull by surrendering it and the authorities dont care about the damage to my hands since there was no obvious puncture and i didnt get stitches.

make sure the pose gets you the view you want, looking at really old art i see my intention but it didn't match perspective nor anatomy.


Grief counselling starts on Tuesday

Still trying to find a good lawyer, apparently i have to look elsewhere because the local ones are lackadaisical.

The pit bull lives and i cant touch it.

I'm going to stop the donation drive until i get a lawyer that can give me a number.

After everything, killing my beloved dog in cold blood, traumatizing me and damaging my hands. That fucking pit bull gets to walk and be re-homed. This is a crushing blow.

Im going to be away for a week, my doctor doesnt want me obsessing about this loss and getting revenge and i need to relax and forgive myself. I will see you guys in a week.

I apologize for the vitriol i spewed in my episode of grief

my fingers will heal, the damage isnt life threatening. i will be drawing again soon enough

its going to be an uphill battle too see this pitbull terminated, i just got off the phone with the police.

please keep donating i am under 2 lawsuits for my puppy's wrongful death

The owner is arrested, he must surrender the dog. I will make sure that pitbull is turned into mulch. That son of a bitch will suffer he will suffer i mill make sure he suffers he will suffer he will suffer he will suffer he will suffer he will suffer.

Thank you all for donating.I am in tears, I love you all very much.

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