If you don't put your OC's in fashionable clothing, can you really say you love your OC's?

It's Halloween time for Tiff, Amber, and Sam. With Sam in charge of this year's outfits since she seems to get more candy than the rest, the gang is on the hunt for sweet treats.
Let's hope they arent the ones getting tricked. πŸŽƒ

She doesn't get that much power at school just because she's rich, you know she got the teachers under her...thumb.
Andrea From Ghost and Molly Mcgee.

Link came back but as an adult, all those hormones yet his crushes are still small...
Gotta get his Master Sword Polished.

Oxenfree, this game has been on my watchlist for a while now...
I think I need to play it now

Gwen wanted a couple more rounds with Dipper ever since the Sibling Swap.

A Loli'fied Oc!
Commission and Oc belong to:

Meet Florence Shawcross, A navy captain and Hunter of stupid, small, childish pirates.
OC for twitter.com/DriveMan18

People need to know not to mess with nerds and outcasts...IF they have powers.
Cause maybe you will get beat up, or more likely you'll get fucked up.

"Also, your central hub of traditions says that small white seers must perform a ritual dance with many tall warriors, I saw it on the sacred site called BLACKED, you humans are weird."

When you are a shy girl and it took you a whole season to announce your love to your human girlfriend, it gonna take at least 2 more seasons and a movie to finally fuck...
Until then, Amity will settle with another way of dealing with her pent-up lust.

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