very excited to be pushing her mom's baby through her birth canal very soon

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Sup everyone. Been awhile ~ :blobcatpeek:
Here's a pic of my werewolf Renaldo pounding the femboy butt of my friend Ccubed on Inkbunny :blobsmirk:

I'll try to be more active. For now, enjoy ~ : )

Art, Rizzy, and Renaldo Zaragoza © @Gaoru
Sean, Kelly, Tessa, and Oshi belong to Ccubed on Inkbunny

What happened in the crow's nest?!🤫😉

(just wanted to draw something cute with these two)😊

Enjoy! 😘 :yanagiyuu_heart3:

Renaldo and Charlotte whent to a bathhouse and... this happend... I//w//I

Art by me @HiroKetzio
Charlotte is mine @HiroKetzio
Renaldo is @Gaoru ’s
Another piece for the amazing @Gaoru

Charlotte Vanne is the Mommy of the city of Sangelios and she met two wonderfull boys. IwI

Art by me @HiroKetzio

Charlotte is mine @HiroKetzio
Renaldo is @Gaoru ’s
Paulo is @lpawz ’s

Lil story here:


How did i forget to post this!?
OMG i feel so dumb....

Three cuties sharing a bath.

Art by @Applalt

Characters are mine @HiroKetzio

Paulo got a lil message from a friend at the end of one of his stream.
Looks like he liked what was in this message. ^//w//^

Tell me what do you think it could be. IwI

Gift for @lpawz

Art by me @HiroKetzio

Paulo is @lpawz ’s

Those who were there on the live of 3 july 2021 know what this piece is inspired by. Iw<~☆
He really was cute blushing all along. ^//w//^

This was a good opportunity for me as my last atempts at drawing humans weren’t... concluding.
But this time i have a good feeling about this one. IwI

A gift for @lpawz

Art by me @HiroKetzio

Paulo is @lpawz

Since what happend on christmas and his recent realisation about opening up to the people around him. Garrett felt courageous enought to go ask Paulo for a second time.

Little did he know that Paulo was still streaming when he started to distract him. Sooooo many viewers saw that...

Art by @lpawz

Paulo is @lpawz’s
Garrett is mine @HiroKetzio

Amalia from ”Ghost in my Attic” from @Clara

I did this one as a gift for Clara.

I wanted to post my new stuff here.

So i’m gonna do so. IwI

StB Bonus - Accessories - Pg 2
Intense vibrations and jogging, not a good combo for our little fox..

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