Havin no mate when in heat is a real modern day issue, hope no unfortunate soul stumbles into her lair durin such a dangerous time.

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@Highware Coqueline is also always welcome. You'd think she has enough animals she could ask to help her out, though. xD

@Drow They know better then to be around her durin this time, to many days of recoverin taught them that lesson :mabel:

@Highware Beautiful work on the cutie, so desperately needy & sexy. Her furious frigging is literally steamy as heck as it escapes from both sets of hot, moist lips. Awesome pose & view, plus great intense face as she struggles to get there. For the record: I'd definitely take the risk.

@Highware She would drain the life out of you and it would be SO worth it. DEATH BY SNU SNU <3

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