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Cute giant little sisters destroying Monaco. Rebeca and Shiro @shironeko

I have been doing lots of commissions lately! Lots of the ideas I have been working on are amazing, you guys rock! I'm so sorry I don't update so often, there is just so much work to do aside from my real life work.

Commissions closed.

Thank you for all the submissions~, will try to complete as many as I can. Not gonna have the 1 month deadline so if possible I'll try to complete most if not all of them.

For those who didn't get a submission for whatever reason, hope we can work together in the future~

You can now download the full "Spoils of Victory" comic via our baraag profile, or via the link below!

Enjoy nearly 30 pages of sholicon goodness set in the world of Pokemon!

Pt 1 colored
A smug Molly plays with her besties insides.

Sorry it took so long.
My grasp on color theory/color in general still feels pretty weak but I'm tryin to change that. Please bear with me. 🙇

👙 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

Kanna kamui and Riko Saikawa from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon!

Sorry for the delay, still workin on that Molly thing.
I dunno how interested anyone will be in seeing this but I thought maybe I'd post some practice stuff once in a while.
I quite like how one of these came out in particular

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