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Commissions are open~

For now I'll test the waters with the new prices and go with 10 slots

Original Sketch Art by @Highware
l lined colored and shaded it

forgot to readd the lines for the 2nd pic

Havin no mate when in heat is a real modern day issue, hope no unfortunate soul stumbles into her lair durin such a dangerous time.

Nother color sketch~
Some smugness to get you into the summer mood and contributin more Wakfu lolis to the ranks.

HEeeheh that dudes 7u7.
Drawing full color chara and simple background ✧

>>> <<< ⊂(´• ω •`⊂)

Some color sketches of the Weeb Toon ''Emmy the Robot'' that I think has a lot of cute material, most likelly gonna do more, we'll see how it goes.


内容的には、無知シチュ&徐々に成長していくお話です( ˘ω˘)
コミックLO 9月号 | 暁 勝家🔞 … #無知シチュ #ComicLO

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