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Commissions are open~

For now I'll test the waters with the new prices and go with 10 slots

Lily Throated
8 new draw requests Finished!
Up now in Fanbx! Poll Soon!


Didn't post this in the sketch batch apparently, so here's some OC Action with Sammy, Oliver and Mia, gotta draw them more.

New Comic comm page 1! These kids are getting to know each other in depth (o´▽`o) Hope u like it 💜 

I drew my first comic for commission a while ago. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work even for just sketches, I was pretty happy with it :)
Please enjoy Dipper banging a lot of Alien girls!
Written, lettered and Colored By Merciel Haldon -

The final page of Spoils of Victory (Page 29) is released! We hope you found our first comic satisfying and degenerate! We can't wait to show you the next comic we have planned!

Follow our Baraag for the latest comic page releases, and consider supporting us on Subscribestar to gain access to early access content!

Lova is ready... again XD

I made some not so radical changes, but always keeping the essence of what I want to do, I hope you like it.

Support my work!

Been trying to get more content out and not feeling like I gotta finish each piece, so here are last months sketches I did.

Feel free to let know witch ones you'd want me to finish as well


Elely Vs 1001 tentacles Part 2 colors
She is still fighting on 💪
Only 901 Tentacles to go! 🧡

Oh I have this random thing.
Drawn some time ago, completely forgot it. So I'm posting it before I forget again

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