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Commissions are open~

For now I'll test the waters with the new prices and go with 10 slots

Spoils of Victory Page 13 is released! The schoolboy may know how to battle with his pokemon, but does he know how to deal with two thirsty schoolgirls?

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Daddys little girl is catchin up to dads output, either that or the youthful lops just have that much more to give.



Spoils of Victory Page 12 is released! Something tells us the twin schoolgirls are gonna want plenty more of that "white stuff!"

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She stalks, but most importantly she attacks!! ๐Ÿ™

New OC... name still being translated from unknown language.๐Ÿ˜Š

Loved wolfwalkers and you should too, love wild lolis as well, helps the experience :hsmug:


And filled all 12 slots in less then 30 minutes dam, appreciate all of you, seriously, for anybody who didn't get a slot, depending on how fast I draw this batch I plan on openin shortly after I'm done, so hopefully I'll be able to work with you in the future too~

Spoils of Victory Page 11 is released! The twin schoolgirls perform handjob on the schoolboy! It's super effective!

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Heads up, will be opening commission slots tommorrow, so take today to gather up references and no messaging to reserve slots before I open officially. Since I have much less time then usual, these commissions will have 4 character limits per piece, 12 slots will be available~. Price sheet is on my profile.

A demon's life is never easy, one moment you're bathing the little ones, the next you ARE a little one.

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