Its been ages since I don't post here too!!!
I think once the summer is over, I'm gonna have more free time to draw and practice more :)
Anyway, all I had the time to do was some Cowey sketches :blobblush:

I'm not as active in this site as I was before, but I intend to keep posting of course xD
Thanks for the +400 followers!

This a commission from a dominant shota type xD
He's a mercenary while also do other activities.
Thanks man for the commission :blobheartcat:

This is a commission from a character called Silvan, He is a student at an all-male academia xD

I'm gonna try to finish him in a NSFW version, wanna paint some dicks :blobrainbow:
I'll be openning commissions again..soon...one of these days ^^
So.....if someone out there is interested, let me know :)

Here are the last things that I've been able to draw from Cowey and his Boyfriend ^^
(The more cum you give him, happier he gets :bloblaugh: )

This is Cowey and his boyfriend getting some money from a quick job. As college students they need some penny to spend :)

I wanted to try to play around with painting styles and backgrounds, learned a thing or two :blobowo:

This is an OC that I never "finished" doing, like thinking about a story for him :p
Anyway, I wanted to parctice some skin and wet skin painting and he was the "guinea pig" :bloblaugh:
(Ignore Mochi from BH6)

Thank you guys for following my account. I really appreciate how well received I was by this community :bloblaugh:

Thanks man @boxtop
I liked it a lot, and it makes me very happy that people are enjoying this character :D

Drew @HeyLinkListen 's oc Cowey! Super cute character with very good tasteπŸ‘Œ

If you haven't already, check out their stuff! It is SO GOODπŸ‘ πŸ‘

I passed the 300 followers :blobrainbow:

Thansk so much everyone :blobheartcat:

I need to upload my account with more drawings of Cowey, but I wanna sync baraag and twitter posts for now. It makes things easier for me xD

I'll also try to make a commemorative drawing again ^^

This is a character from @Littlerager that I tried to do πŸ˜†
He is a demon named Shen with an angel concubine (that I did not draw :p )
It was really fun to draw him ^^

Look what I got 2!
The drawing was made by @Littlerager , Thanks man!! I loved it (look at that thing !!)
He's also always helping me with digital art, thanks :bloblaugh:

These are some sketches that I did trying different things. One was done with Paint Tool Sai and the other in photohop...
I prefered the simpler one .-. even though I spend more time on the other one........ Well...go figure :blobshrug:

Thanks everyone that is following my account, I really appreciate it! :blobcheer:
And special thanks to everyone that Commissioned me. :blobheartcat:

This is Cowey with a character from a friend of mine ;>
I liked to draw this outfit and I'm already planning to draw him with it again in the future.

Thank you @zaxstar for drawing Cowey. Is really seeing him made by another artist. Thanks!!

This in one the commission I did for @Barazoku .He is one of many amazing people that I met through this site.
Thanks man, It was really fun to draw this piece :blobowo:

I passed the 200 followers and got a couple of commissions, thanks so much!!
I'll try to post another commemorative art and the commissions I did :3
Thanks everyone <3

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