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some sketches i did a few days ago and decided to slap some colors on

but god damn
when will something actually happen

bleh i wanna draw, but i cant think of anything, any girls you'd guys want to sugges, preferably from some official thing, anime etc
so i can have a pool of ideas

was able to export one of the lewd animations seperately, im thinking of using this for something

only good thing about not having internet is you try to do new things so you dont die of boredom

been messing with krita animation stuff

hey guys sorry i havent been around, been waiting for my internet to get connected but looks like it will be until next week

was my birthday on the 7th, but bleh didnt have time to do anything, anyhow, will be uploading some backed up draws i did in the week

a year late

but heres a joke draw from an idea i had
featuring gummuru's shitty rabbit lol

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