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some sketches i did a few days ago and decided to slap some colors on

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Sorry I haven't been around halo reach has kept me occupied and also the fact that my internet died two days ago hasn't helped, glad they made firefight available offline, that's all I've been doing these past days lol

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jesus christ aim assist in halo reach on a controller is op for close to mid range

aww shit, was messing around with my phone and deleted the bj marnie draw, sorry about that, here it is again

"starts playing halo reach multiplayer"
"immediately some asshole starts burping repeatedly into his mic"

ah, its like i never left

halo reach out fucken good shitttttttt

i should probably finish one of the marnie sketches, issue is deciding on which one, any of the sketches you guys like in particular?

let me know

was watching some deadspace lp and just ended up drawing skulls lol

sketch of ed's girl that i didnt post since like a week ago

I think I'm finally out of steam, gonna post the sketches I did of forehead poke girl later

Also finally Friday, can't wait for work to be over

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