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some sketches i did a few days ago and decided to slap some colors on

man, i really like my lolis who speak like old ladies and are old fashioned

good stuff

did a few seiken-chan sketches
but out of the bunch i did i only liked this one lol

swerd lewding is op

bleh now to decide whether or not to continue working on the excelia draw, since i suck at lineart

fixed her hair

Excelia is really good
hopefully one day theres doujinshi of her, lol

slapped some colors on swerd girl

still missing the other parts of her hair lol

more swerd girl draq

edit: yeh shes missing backhair and twintails, but pleh theyre hard lol

some awful rough doodles of that one sword girl manga

i fucken love it, its great

Slapped some colors on these doodles
First time on mobile recently got a phone

saw the end of IBO, i saw it coming, mech stuff with political sub plots never end well for the main characters

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