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some sketches i did a few days ago and decided to slap some colors on

i really hope blasphemous gets a newgame+ mode, as it is, its kinda boring replaying if ya got the two endings already, i wanna boss rush mode, start out with all items and skills, a harder difficulty, something

also is it me or am i the only one who wished the different skins had stat boosts and trade offs?

bleh heres some stuff

unsure what pose to go with and also that im not really feeling it

"starts playing indivisible"
alright im ready for a good time

"literally ten minutes in"
nope i cant do this, im out, fuck this

im sad now

man i just want the day to be over so its the weekend and i can focus on drawing

Added some colors so atleast it wouldn't feel like a complete waste

I still wanna eat her ass

bleh spent like three hours on this and imma trash it

might as well upload it tho and try again

i wanna eat ajna's ass through her spats

I need to learn to not post stuff in the middle of the night lol

that last gun loli is probably the first character that isn't fanart or belongs to someone i've drawn in a long time

sometimes i can make my own girls lol

i miss game demos that instead of being just a level taken from the game, were more just theyre own original self contained sandbox type area

that was neat

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