@Heikatsu I love the way you draw expressions
And as soon as you made that post about disgusted expressions I knew something like this was coming our way :bloblaugh:

Poor loli, she needs ice cream .3.

@Dorothy Thanks so much! :blobheart:
I couldn't help it, drawing those sorts of expressions is really fun! :bloblul:
She certainly deserves an ice cream after that. :bloblaugh: maybe two.

@Heikatsu I've also noticed you like anal a lot .3.
I've personally never had a pp in my butt, so I don't know how much I'd like it, but I really enjoy it in art

Your art makes it look really pleasant and inviting, so I might just have to make the switch one of these days to try :uwu_cirno:

and ya, treat your lolis gently
They need headpats and hugs so she can turn that frown upside down :miyano:

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