🏝️Eva brought some melons for the beach episode for when things get too hot.🔥
They look pretty firm and ripe. 🍈🍈

@Heightes Amalia is my top favorite Queen, but I'm a big fan of Evangelyne, too, of course! XD

I ADORE how you drew Eva's wet hair, flirty and teasing smiling face, juicy Mommy tits, and epic hips and thighs!

Once again, HUGE THANKS for drawing her with canonical hairy pussy (you've even kept the exact pubes shape)!

Also, HOLY SHIT, Godly mouthwatering brown Amalia ass view and Elaine getting root tentacle dominated by her in the background! Thanks :)

Faves folder!

@Heightes Eva is about the only Elven character i like, probably cause she is spunky and a Tomboy instead of a stuck up Elf Lady. You made them look firm and perky, ripe for the picking 🍈 🤤

@Heightes If we are getting beach episode versions of all the characters, I vote for Adamai next.

However, I really love how you drew Amalia and Evangelyne.

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