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If you like my art and want to send a little support/tips or donation my way feel free to use these! Thanks you! :yanagiyuu_heart3:

Monero: 45TD86UFKYAQzoBeDki26kR4urAj5WtWiELstM8KbCGE3RVtp5xA35u2rCcwHsWU7U9hM5UgBiKSiWYxCTaph1eyQWgns3J


ADA: addr1qynyfa6kynx8gs734sx9v4exa68wctgh7790a9el5nlpmcp3lhxznhc32zflyaymstgttg6at57lmf5xjdv2ryu2wc9qmz2vfa

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Thanks You So much @satori For all the Hard work and sweat you put in into making this little place for us, so that we can all share & enjoy each others art together. :yanagiyuu_heart3:

Here a little nugget of cuteness for you to enjoy as my gratitude to you. :blobheart:

Hope it lighten the load on your shoulders for a bit! 😘

June's FANBOX vote winner!

I was craving making a picture similar to the Waterhouse nymphs and it devolved into this :astolfoqt:
The elves aren't from any series

support my fanbox to get this and all my works for each month^^

Check out my twitch to see me play games^^

Page 1 of a Gwen x Ben comic; things are getting wild :blobthinkingsmirk:

(I had hiatus-d it for a while, but am aiming to finish it next month or so- see the current pages early on my sstar :blobcatartist: )

Testing the new powers on your Iop daughter. Can she take the heat? 🐙 :squirt: :blobamused:

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