" let me teach you the wonders of Love! " ❀️ ❀️ ❀️ :

I'm not sure if I want more of this or if it's already enough like this πŸ˜„ : hentaifox.com/gallery/92381/

this is one of the earliest hentais I ever read and liked ❀️ ❀️ ❀️ : hentaifox.com/gallery/92207/

jeez , this one should have ended with a kiss and a hug ! ❀️ : hentaifox.com/gallery/92125/

DEAR LORD! ... that's just .. so good ! πŸ‘ƒ 🩸 🩸 * que Anime Nose Bleed ! * hentaifox.com/gallery/92118/

you heard of female being abused ... but ... a male being abused ? ... this one was sad on a different level ☹️ : hentaifox.com/gallery/92048/

this story is kinda disturbing ☹️ ... if you could meet this girl, how would you stop her from destroying her life with twitter ? ... personally, I'd say to her " can't you find another source of happiness? " and pick up from there : hentaifox.com/gallery/91735/

I kinda relate to this kid ! πŸ˜… ... just in a sense that I couldn't make friends or be socially normal : hentaifox.com/gallery/91670/

NO! YOU CAN'T EAT MEAT! ... NOT THAT MEAT! ... oh, whatever ... just keep her on a short leash! πŸ˜… :

CUTE! 😍 ... I'd love to keep her company ! ... she can ask for as many kisses and hugs as she wants ! πŸ˜† :

errr.... this is a good set-up ... but feels like it was not exploited enough .... need alot more to be good πŸ˜… : hentaifox.com/gallery/91449/

" what is united by God, cannot be divided by man. what is united by man however _____ " 😝

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