@Harzu amazing work as always! Love how it’s perfectly in style.

@Harzu I love this pov! What I wouldn’t do to get Ron sucking on my cock like that.
Your animations have gotten better sense you’ve started

I think you draw one of the best looking Ron on this or any site.

@Harzu every time you boost your art I jack off to it again

@Harzu hey I just wanna at this is an awesome animation, mind if I dub this?

@TheArabianEagle do whatever you want with any of my works as long as you credit and as long as it’s not commissions, can’t promise i will look at it though, as animations with sounds or voices usually make me cringe

@Harzu I’ll credit ya yes in twitter and on this site.

Just need permission is all and I make them work proeprly

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