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One thing i wanted to address for a while.
If you ever see someone insulting me on twitter or anywhere else for the stuff i draw. Just ignore and block this person. Insulting them or trying to silence them will simply make you as bad as them in my opinion. Thank you. โค๏ธ

Only refined and posted that latest doodle because i think itโ€™s hilarious lol

Totally used that episode with 50 emo kids in at a birthday party as reference for the hair

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@Harzu Huh could've sworn I commented on this
I don't see "something" I like, I see everything I like! Lol :bloblaugh: :blobthinkingsmirk:
Mismatched socks are a good touch, and jockstraps are *always* inherently horny, especially when they're musky :bloblaugh: :blobdrool:
And ofc that sweet body hair, plus pits, I don't know where to go first :blobamused:
Great work on this pic!!

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