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Hello, I like Riley.
Some more really old sketches I always wanted to clean up like this :)

Nice to see a new Harry Potter game that doesn't look terrible, good time to post these sketches from that mobile one that was. I think her name was Merula :)

Hello, I like Riley.
Some more really old sketches I always wanted to clean up like this :)

And a quick blog post, because during the week I'm pretty sure I was followed by the loli manga artist Ponsuke....
He is a loli god in my opinion, easily one of my favourite artist ever. Him seeing my art, let alone liking it and following me melted my brain for bit so i had to post about it.
I have been literally noticed by Senpai, not even a meme.

Sorry guys no lolis this weekend, I was busy working on this Chel piece for twitter. But I did find this sketch of Chel propositioning a local shota I should post here.

@Manatee @Efapper @OF29
It is Riley! Thank you guys, how could I forget, that show was pretty great. Thanks everyone else too for all the love i'm getting on these pics, I found another pic of Riley...and her brother that'll i'll post too.

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and some more random loose sketches I had.
Chloe from We Bare Bears. Some tribal caveman loli, original. A mystery character I could not remember the show she's from. and maybe some Mabel.

Couple more sketch collections.
Loli Rey from Star wars, based on some fan art somewhere.
And Ai from the Chinese Lilo and Stitch series.

And a WIP of the girls from the Weekenders piece I've been working on while testing out streaming.

Hey, it's been a couple weeks since I've updated, sorry bout that. Here's some brand new stuff to make up for it. 

I was working on some loli body design/style experiments yesterday, And I kinda like how they turned out, little pot belly's is definitely working. And using an actual rib cage shape in my construction is much more helpful that the rectangle block I have been using.

And this one last Marco pic for now, this one was based on Ohnarev/ntrev's design btw, he draws real good.

And this one last coloured commission. That's pretty much all of my Finn stuff so far.
I'll post more Marco next week.

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