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The final chapter of my Kuki x Wally smutfic is finally done! This was one of the largest creative projects I've ever undertaken and it was so rewarding to finally finish it! I wrote this fanfic because I couldn't find other fanfics of Kuki/Wally with a similar blend of lolicon eroticism and romance, so if you liked this story, consider writing your own! I always want to read more.

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*record scratch* yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

This is honestly favorite artwork I've made so far, I love how this looks.

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A few months old drawing of Kuki and Mushi Sanban having some sisterly bonding time. Was meant for a collab but that never came to be so I finished it myself, I think it looks fantastic. Enjoy!

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Kuki gives her adoring fans the show of a lifetime and has a blast doing it. I have a thing for poledancing.

Finished this animation after many many hours! Pokemon X & Y preschooler being fuck to pay back her debts

I'm extremely obsessed with a cartoon gigachad from 80's Soviet Russia for some reason

Another image from KND, episode F.U.T.U.R.E,involving the last boy to be turned into a girl.

Original Image: xtaroth
Colors by me.

A couple Luz and Camila pieces from Subscribestar, more stuff like this up on my page, only $5 a month if ya wanna vote in the polls and decide what i draw next✌️

Idea by: MagnumImpulse
Violet Parr (The Incredibles)
Funding: $50 of $50

[No Sponsor Reward]
CEOofHentai - $50
Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting poll on the server and a special thank you to CeoOfHentai for funding this project!
If you like my work and want to see more of it, pledge to my Fanbox here.

A dollar or three goes a long way. You'll also get access to my discord where you'll find my higher resolution stuff.

She loves her binky. 🫢🫣🥰
Not really an original idea, but it was still fun to draw.


Is the day of the Special image of the Month!
and thanks to my supporters who voted in the poll for the deluxe image, the winning franchise was The Legend of Zelda

Full Resolution image and Full Nude version will be available after the end of the month as exclusive for Supporters on Subscribestar and Pixiv Fanbox:
Also on Mix Pack #5, available on my Gumroad Store in a few months:

Don't expect me to make a SFW meme drawing and not lewd it immediately afterwards.

She has them cute little loli nips and that's all that matters.

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