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Blackwood Girls, Chapter 3, has been collected!

I've made a few changes here and there before reposting. Mainly someone pointed out they should have got +2 on score that I missed the first time through.

Come and catch up on this Interactive Blah Blah Blah! YEAH! WOW!


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The full series of 3, 3, & 3 is now available! 6 chapters of an interactive horror loli comic is here and ready to read.

The ending was...sudden, but officially finished. This is one of the few comic series I've actually completed, even as it is.

Please enjoy and poke the participants to thank them.

Pixiv Linky:

Finally finished with Book 3.

There's a lot more maps in this book than the others. If there WAS a DMG for Blackwood, I guess this would be close.

Waiting on the editor. Onto book 4!

Here's half of page 5.

Nola Escape Is now collected!

Righto! I have collected the Nola advanture from last month into a Pixiv Post if anyone is interested.

Alright, that's enough for me today. I think this is, perhaps, my third post today? I need to rest and eat some pastries!


Blackwood Girls
About to Update

When last we met, Marigold and her friends were rescuing Iris from The Mistress on Dark Brush Island. Jasmine got horny, Tulip ran to the top of the lighthouse, and Marigold found a secret passage leading, perhaps, to a torture dungeon with Iris...probably. Maybe. We hope.

I'm spooling the reel now. You can get in on the action of this Interactive Loli Comic, Blakwood Girls.


Oh look at that. I mispelled Disgaea...

In my defense, that's not how you spell Disgaia.

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Need some Drawing Music?

Disgaia is basically a Halloween Stretegy RPG anyway, right? And nothing quite hits the season like Laharl's theme. You may have heard it already in spooky YouTube videos or the background of Twitch presentations.

When the composer finished the piece, he knew what he had and got the theme fully voiced and used it as an overture for the whole OST.

I prefer the instrumental.

Lord Laharl's Hymn - Tenpei Sato

Mental Note: The Mistress will now ALWAYS be making a JoJo pose.


I collected all my sketches from August to now, if you want to see them all in one place.

Next month, I think I'll return to Blackwood Girls. See if I can't get some money from Ko-Fi while doing it.


Well, I wanted to finish all the books by the end of September. I guess that didn't happen.

Too many distractions, like family, sickness, and Binky. Bleh.

I am JAMMING on book 3 right now to see if I can finish it before October. I bet I can.

Need some Drawing Music?
Spoop Edition.

The Swingrowers were the bosses of electroswing a few years back. Butterfly and Midnight were my introduction while I stumbled around for Caravan Palace albums on YourTub. Glad I did.

Midnight feels like Halloween manifest. Sure, the lyrics are awkward, but that beat can force the dead from their grave for a dance macabre.

Fuck yeah!

Midnight - The Swingrowers

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So, apparently, there IS an "OnlyFanatics" on the internet.
I guess I should have checked before making the joke. Bleh.

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Oh yes. I nearly forgot about Okina. I believe it's more than one artists.

Okina Flying Factory has been drawing lolis in trouble for as long as I can remember there being an internet. At least 20 years experience. They have an extensive Pixiv archive. Very easy to find.

I dream of one day being as detailed and imaginative as Okina. I have given up being as depraved.

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I will admit some ignorance here. I know very little about Alfonzo Azpiri. I found a physical copy of...I think it was called Bella Steel? when I was a child and that, TOO, woke something up in me.

Looking him up now, he has quite a few comics and art prints. I HAVE noticed his cheesecake artwork in some comic books, like Vamparella and such.

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Robert Bishop is truly a classic artist from...I want to say the 80's? Most of his work is graphite. Yes, Pencil and paper.

I discovered him when I was young and he woke something up in me. It's all bondage and VERY sensual.

You can find his work in any archive of Bondage art. He's very famous in that scene.

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If you don't know Gary Roberts, what are you doing with your genitals? Go look up Gary Roberts. He's a well known erotic artist who focuses on BDSM and kidnapping porn.

All his art is sexy. Last I saw he had his own webstie selling his many MANY comics.

Black Van 1 and 2 are my personal favorites.

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