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Three, Three, &Three
It's an interactive Horror Loli Comic that's currently ongoing! The story covers Rainy, Wendy, and Stormy and the strange things that happen in "their house." Subjects cover mystery, rape, lolis, torture, death, flesh eating fridgerators, Couch mimics, Hell(?), and puzzles!

Can the commenters guide the girls to escape without making them strip and fuck each-other? Probably not.

If you want a link to the series page, here you go.

New update for 33&3, the Interactive Loli Horror Comic.

Players cut off a future tragedy as Rainy becomes more aware. Will Wendy stop cumming?

Present day,
Present TIME!

Falling (Duvet, Levitating) - Boa, Dua Lipa, Mashup by Nakinyko

Holy Crud! I didn't even NOTICE I reached 100 followers!

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Need some Drawing Music?
How about an uplifting tale about Ruru-Chan's suicide back in 2013.

Yeah, I'm trying to get rid of that pesky good mood, too.

Ruru's Suicide Show on a Livestream - Shinsei Kamattechan

I'm looking through my notebook that has the whole game laid out. I think I will scan it in and post it as a reward for defeating 33&3. Might be fun to show off behind the scenes.

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New update for 33&3, the Interactive Loli Horror Comic. Rainy finds something interesting, Wendy cums, and Death is held close!

I'm late, but I made it.
The commenters have found the long awaited, and edible, dirty magazine in this update of 3, 3, &3. Come and see this Interactive Loli Horror Comic (I should trade mark that).

Need some drawing music?

I've been a big fan of Boogie Belgique for a few years now, since discovering them on Jamendo. To my delight they've been going strong ever since and getting much deserved praise.

Here's one of their classics redone live.

Forever and Ever - Boogie Belgique

Pretty major delay on 3,3,&3 today.

Emergency everything and possible hotel switching going on.

I may have to update tomorrow.

Chapter 5 begins in 3 3 & 3, the Interactive Horror Loli Comic.

If you're new, now's the time to start in and make choices for the girls.

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Comms are open!! 🖤
Below are examples of previous commissions
Price is generally around 60$ but may vary slightly depending on the commission!
- Anything goes! (As long as i feel i can do it justice)
- Guys
DM for more commission info! 🖤

Did you miss out on Chapter 4 of 3, 3, & 3? Don't worry. I've collected it for easy reading! Now you can see if Stormy survives!

And, of course, there's the full series nearby! Can you believe I've been doing this comic off and on for 6 months?


Character Select for 3, 3, &3, the Interactive Loli Horror Comic.

Now with Costumes available.

Follow the Link and pick your favorite for Chapter 5!


Annnnd end of this chapter in 3, 3, &3 the Interactive Loli Horror Comic.

I just want to say, this is all your fault.

More tomorrow.

The game begins again in 33&3, the Interactive Horror Loli Comic!

How will the girls get out of this one? Maybe they will...maybe they won't...


I just finished general sketches for 33&3 today and all I have to ask is



Need some drawing music?

While I was going through old playlists, I rediscovered this gem from back when people were making fan songs about Bendy and the Ink Machine.

All Eyes on Me - Cover by Victor McKnight & SquigglyDigg, Original by Or3o

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Sort of old, but by like a month or so. Picked up and read Hellstar Remina by Junji Ito and fell in love. It's one of his best works in terms of capturing that sense of cosmic horror and feeling truly making you feel insignificant when compared to the rest of the universe. And I made a sex joke out of it.

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