I try to keep my controversial opinions off the public timeline so I'm not annoying, but I can't help but feel that hamstrings my ability to make my voice heard compared to people who are willing to post their Discourse on the public tl

I'm going to make my position real clear, and if you disagree you're free to unfollow:

Being a MAP isn't inherently a bad thing. I have MAP friends, and they're lovely, wonderful people who don't deserve the hate they get. They're not hurting anyone any more than kodocon enthusiasts are. Who do you think most of our audience is? Discriminating against someone just for being a MAP is extremely uncool, and is ultimately counterproductive.

Sassy school boi from a pretty old image I made. Studying with the boys instead of spending time with his gf. He's really dedicated to his education :p

Sarah Doge Xmas Special [Beast]*


Big xmas commission I got. Was fun to do. *By the way the video is too big so I used the Pixiv edit. Full 30+ second vid in links!

(Credit Card) subscribestar.adult/lesdiasnsf

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