I'm strangely obsessed with this nightmare fucking gremlin. I want to bully her, bust also love and comfort her.

hey look at this! we still draw! don't leave us pls ;_;

Commission: an inked + coloured Psychonauts pic for @lekilos featuring Sam Boole riding Raz.

Hilda has a message for anyone who thinks they're saving the world by banning loli cartoons.

An incredibly silly range test sort of thing for fun!! I am not even that sure if it can be considered one, but here it is anyways~♡

Horny mode, nerd mode, political mode, basic socialization mode. These are my various forms, and are carefully balanced as to never cross over.

A good portion of my favorite ships involve incest and I don't know why :sexy_gru:

ok, is it just me or did lincoln just official stated he wanted to have sex with leni and she'd bear his kids?

I hate Santa Inc with a burning passion but I would fuck Candy so hard, you have no idea.

【ボーイッシュ】 ジェットバスオナニー - 腕白少女 (2=8)の投稿|ファンティア[Fantia] fantia.jp/posts/1027095 #Fantia #ファンティア


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