Spooktober Day 9

Scooby-Doo Ghoul School, it's a shame I can't find any good character sheets or promotional art to make the standard character icons.


Spooktober Day 11

One of my favorite animated movies. Coraline is what made me attempt my own stop motion animation back in school... it did not go well.


Twf youโ€™re tired from school wanting to lay on your bed but you find your little brother dry humping your pillow.... the pillow you wanted to rest on... :angry_laugh: :blobglare: :arthurfist: ๐ŸŒธโœจ

@Lioxdz @N3f @Garabato Comic "Mackenzie B-itch" 12 pages full color, Halloween 2020 :blobsir: ๐Ÿ‘Œ

finished another 3d model, cute bunny Anais = 3 and just made an test animation

something I did as animation and edition ^^ Thanks for all the support on PIXIV FANBOX


Is Femboy Hooters even still a thing anymore? Well, regardless, I couldn't resist the urge to make some uniforms for my boys and have a few of them show them off.

The work is a comission that my dear Maniacbox's done for me, I asked him for the comission so I can color it and write a small story for you guys, I hope you like it, so text comments about everithing that on your mind and please support wonderful
Maniacbox here maniacbox.fanbox.cc/
And your redHyacinth here redhyacinth.fanbox.cc/
And a short story is here

Caitlin really likes to tease and embarrass Jack. But he doesn't entirely hate it..

Art by @baal0505 on twitter!

Forgot to post this here.

I made an Arthur oc a bit back as character design practice. Might put her in some lewds soon.

I Completely Forgot this Paranorman Agatha piece. My plan was to finish this and put on tumblr. But... after the Purge I was frustrated and didn't want to finish anything. I also have a full sketch Paranorman Comic That Haven't came to completion. I might Finish this piece. I love Paranorman so I may try to do more of it again.

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