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I always struggle to think up creative things for my boy to be doing a pic. I love having some aspect of military themes/guns/action/etc, but lately I've been falling behind on delivering that niche.

It also doesn't help I have little commission money from time to time, so I can never do a truly two character piece, the second person needs to be hidden.

I'd love for anyone who has any ideas for a good pose or situation for my boy to be in for the next commission, reply to this post, or DM me.

Commission by GMBY

You can't fuck a tiny baby catboy this small properly, it'll never work. While you're working on stretching him out, you'll have to settle with enjoying those ultra squishy, extra soft thighs instead. But hey, at the end of the day, thigh sex with something this small and cute feels better than real sex with anything older, just imagine how silky smooth and soft those babyfat filled thighs would feel :blobheartcat: yummy yummy, sweet like honey.

Commission by @TeamPervy ft. stuckupsnivy on D.A

What's better than being serviced by a cute little catboy? Getting serviced by two little catboys of course. And any catboy worth his salt knows how to get an adult off in all sorts of ways. Butt stuff? Oral stuff? Sure, classic, we've all been there. But how many people can say they've gotten a footjob by soft lil boy feet while another hungry child sucks on your balls? Plus an eyeful of tiny catboy cock!

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People IRL often wonder why my grammar and vocabulary is more advanced than the average person... I've yet to admit to any of them yet that it's literally because I've spent years RPing and writing up very detailed stories about little boys and their little cocks getting up to trouble... I guess shota has done a lot more good for me than I thought.

Been sitting on a 30 image set commission, mixture of sfw and nsfw, each piece is it's own thing and not part of an overall story. Considering that would be like eight posts at minimum... any suggestions for the best way to upload them all? Should I just say fuck it and spam them all? Post one a day? Imgur it?

My list of artists I want to commission is reaching critical mass. But my ideas to be unique are at an all-time low... You can only come up with so many solo ideas! Feel free to poke me with ideas, or even better, hit me up for a coop commission. Looking for adults to partner my boy with, any gender, so long as they have dicks :p. Some are quite affordable too. DM me or poke me on discord if interested or have any ideas I could work with.

Commission by @roza4957

Time for some mercenary dexterity training. You might think it's a run of the mill gangbang, but it's so much more! In reality, it's the most intensive cardio training a very yong boy can get! Think of how hard it would be to deal with four horny men normally, now imagine you're a five year old boy! Once Gat can get used to pleasing a whole gang of adult cocks then sprinting through a street will be a cake walk... at least that's what the men around him said.

Forgot to mention, up for anything from toddlercon stuff to normal Gat stuff to shotadom Gat mercenary stuff. Got a few artists I've had my eyes on but I wanna spice things up from soloz.

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Thinking of some potential future commission ideas. If anyone is interested in splitting a commission, I could use either an adult male or a futa second character, and I'm heavily leaning human. Could be as cheap as 25 each depending on the artist we go with. Shoot me a DM.

Commission by

Just a cute little catboy relaxing after a mission and cooling down. Why does he have to take off half of his outfit to cool off? Well, that's because he's ready to heat up in a different way, after all, when a mission is over the little cutie needs to ride off that combat high somehow, and (un)fortunately for whoever's around him, his favorite thing to do after a mission is ram his dick into the first mouth he can find.

Commission by

Gatshin 3: Gatenti?

After getting his share of money and fucking by taking over Diona's job, it was time for Gat to put on the bard outfit that seems to get everyone all hot and bothered. Only took a few minutes for him to be surrounded by horny dudes with their cocks out! Now he'll play them a tune while they fuck his tiny body in hopes that at least one of them will stick around long enough to suck that pint-sized cock.

I must know why this exists and who did it >:/ Editing my boy until it is no longer my boy and then putting stuff in his dick is no bueno. imgur link incase you don't have an account.

Gatshin 2: Return of Gatona

When you're so small that your age is countable on one hand, it doesn't take much to get you completely drunk. Whoever gave this tiny boy a whole bottle of wine was very irresponsible because half a bottle later and his shorts disappeared and every man at the bar took their turns going balls deep in the tiny kitten. He didn't seem to mind though, he didn't say no... he didn't say yes either, mostly he just moaned and meowed a lot... he'll feel it tomorrow.

Gimme Genshin themed commission ideas, I'm big nerd and want more...

Also UID 607721451 if you need friends for the event :>

A commission by

Nothing super fancy to write about this one! Just a cute little catboy with a cute little dick, naked for you to enjoy! Grope his chest, squeeze his dick, snuggle his tail, you know the drill.

A commission by @Bthrmbrk

The first of many Gatshin Impact commissions to come. Who wore it better? Gat or Diona? If cute little neko waiters are all the rage these days in Teyvat, then the only thing Diluc can do to help his tavern compete is to hire a catboy of his own. The only difference is this catboy actually likes alcohol and drunk people grabbing him and molesting him, so at the end of the day, everybody wins!

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Another commission from the tumblr days, no clue who drew this one >w<

You should know the drill by now, while some people are able to talk their way out of a speeding ticket, this little boy is able to fuck his way out of a felony charge. While normally he likes to be in charge, he'll relent and let a man absolutely invade his tight little butt if it means he'll turn a blind eye to the boy's 'activities'. Plus it serves as a lesson for little Gat. "Next time, don't get caught."

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