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I always struggle to think up creative things for my boy to be doing a pic. I love having some aspect of military themes/guns/action/etc, but lately I've been falling behind on delivering that niche.

It also doesn't help I have little commission money from time to time, so I can never do a truly two character piece, the second person needs to be hidden.

I'd love for anyone who has any ideas for a good pose or situation for my boy to be in for the next commission, reply to this post, or DM me.

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Been getting in the habit of making poses during my FFXIV erp romps. Tonight I was picked up in the quicksand by someone who said they never explored underaged stuff, or had been with a Lalafell before... a few hours later they're choking me out while forcing too much knotted dragon dick into too small of a Lala body... I think they're a newly minted shota fucker now... Always glad to be somebody's bad influence.


I can't help but love how cute my little bean looks without a shirt. Such a precious boy who needs to be protected at all costs... yet I'm so cruel and often let him get raped by horny guys and dickmommies...

guess that's what he gets for being so cute.

Kinda FFXIV spoilers

Found someone in the wild that roleplays a character I can only describe as "What if our favorite Ascian came back and decided to give up his old cause for the new cause of stuffing as much Lalafell boy butt as he could get his hands on."

The result is poor Gat's butt getting sundered :<

Wanted to look into alternatives for discord considering it seems scarier and scarier to be on there if you're a shotacon, what with your account basically being able to be nuked at any second. But what are even the alternatives? I heard setting up a Matrix is getting popular, but I failed Linux in college and I don't know how to do any of this stuff. Where does one even go when everythings been centralized on discord for all my friends and fans ;w;

You ever just feel like you’re having an online identity crisis :blobcatflip:

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Seeing that I have my own tag on e621 is pretty funny, I grew up fapping there, little did I know I would be helping people fap there instead. I don't know which one of my followers is uploading them all, but I thank you! I don't have the patience to tag and do all that jazz :>. I've been very addicted to FF14 though, so there will be much more art of my Lalafell out there now, for tagging purposes, his name is Gat Clancy ;3

Was bored and wanted to try my hand at making porn, because if grown Lalas are already so small, then the children Lalas must be absolutely onahole sized. Does it count as who knows! One thing is for sure, it's probably the tightest fuck in Eorzea.

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Random question today, but I was wondering if anyone had any artist suggestions when it came to artists that are good at drawing unrealistically large penetrations. I never noticed until I started looking for it how rare it was to find, but it's understandably tricky to draw a boy taking a cock bigger than his thighs. Want to someday get art of my Lalafell being destroyed by a cock obscenely big... So getting some people on my radar would be nice

Too everyone who follows me who plays FFXIV, I'm trying to find a group to do these new savages with. Party Finder warrioring isn't panning out so well.

I'm not amazing at raiding, but I have the 580 gear and the food to go with it, nothing but time and I'm willing to learn.

So if any statics are recruiting and have room for a reddo mageo... let me know! Down to do discord and all that stuff... I just want to clear this!

Shoot me a DM if recruitin'

Got hit with the discord ban, I knew it was coming eventually.

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Hello Baraag ^v^

Here's my first contribution:
a commission I did for @Gat !

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To my ffxiv Lala players/lovers out there, enjoy my sole contribution to the modding scene, a port (plus dyes) of the chastity cage for talls, just it's better because I offer multiple sizes.

You want it? It's yours my friend.

Just make sure you use the Shapley body.

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