And this is the original, wich had a couple of panels. Also the panel-less version. And Spanish.

@sunshineandlolipops @Garabato I know who wanda is i was just saying trixie and the tooth fairy are my favorite lol

@Garabato I'd definately go for the principle ^^ see if she wants to be in a relationship with a young student :3

@Garabato I do love some Waxleplax stuff! Love her look <3

@Garabato OK, you had me at Star and Trixie ❤️‍🔥💕

@DARQ @Garabato That's Veronica though, not Star Butterfly. :P

It's all FOP characters, in both pics.

@sunshineandlolipops @Garabato But her full name IS Veronica Star, it's all hinted that she's the same Star in Danny Phantom..

@DARQ @Garabato Ah, is it? I didn't remember that detail.

Sorry, I only ever see her referred to as Veronica, so I thought you meant Star as a first name. They're both slender blondes.

My bad.

@Garabato The world needs more Chloe. Incredibly underrated, that one.

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