Happy Valentine's day Rigbitch.
Yes I always hated Rigby, and I stoped watching the show so I didn't see his "redemption" arc.

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Thanks @Garabato your work was really fun to make icons out of. That 'Colors' series you made a while back really got my blood pumping, I just love sets and themes.


Pic done the first of February to be posted the second day of the month... or something, yes I know is 5th

This one was done exactly a year ago [190123], originally sketched in 2017 in one of my streams.
Just to continue celebrating the year of the Rat.

This was a pic I did for a supporter back at 2017. Of course the censored version was a quick fun edit for Twerk'ter

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Apparently I never posted this pic, originally sketched in 2016, finished in 2017.

Also, I added the "To be continued" in the end. But is not the same without sound, so I made this.

This started as a joke with someone that always talk about collabs (but never do the collab). As you can see it continued., since is random the dialogs are not particularly important.
Being a spanish collab of course it must be in spanish.

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