Sketch of the first two pages of a SUmmer Camp Island comic that probably will never be finished(?)

Lucy and "The Lucys". A pic I did earlier this month, when I heard about the time travel episode,based on an idea I had some time ago when I saw all those background "Lucys".
And with that guy from that episode, they look like a family or something.

Done a couple of months ago, originally at K's drawpile.

And the censored version just becuase it might be funny to some

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A little something originally done for a drawpile two eyars ago. Sincely I don't remember much of that show...I am pretty sure that I finished at least the first season.

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TODDLER collab :bossbaby:
PLAYTOT MONTHLY is here!!!💪😎
Buy now in this link :blobsir:
don't miss the next number in our fanbox.

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Playtot Monthly its a collaboration between a bunch of toddlercon artists to bring a pack of images of your favorite toodlers every month, this month I was able to draw some Lisa Lous from the loud house being pounded in her asshole.

You can get the collaboration with the images being posted daily here.

And also you can get the full pack
here if you can't wait to get 'em all posted.

The last 'deal' I made earlier this year. There was another slot but the last person...??? Forgot??? And nothing happened.

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We want to hear your voices or even Fanart to be featured in our future issues, so we have created Letters to Editor. A brand new segment that we will answer your questions or even feature your fanart inside the magazine!

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I'm feeling a little important to be a part of this, it was really good, I contributed 5 pics of a sexy baby :blobheart: you can find on their fanbox

PLAYTOT a little collab, part of BBSMN. I made a 5 pics set for this one. ANd you can find/supportit(?) in here:

Another deal done earlier this year. I always wanted to do more stuff of Chloe.

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Introducing our new mini collaboration, a collection of high Quality Illustrations with your favorite toddler characters done by 4 of your favorite artists, this mini collaboration will come every month and every issue will have a set of different toddler characters doing lewd stuff, Don't miss it!

You can get it here.

Have you heard about an upcoming show called ''PRIMOS''? No? Well, here's something anyway.

Based in the season 1 episode 2 [The Responsible]. A special deal done for a anonymous person.

For stupid reasons yesterday We watched Chicken Little, whcih reminded me that I always wanted to make something with them. But I ended shitposting.

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