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Remember that I am a terrible manager, so don't expect anything, but by popular demand, you can find me in there.

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Another season, and another issue of @LaCandyVan turned into a physical book :yumcum:

I'm investing in a perfect binder, so I can do these much faster too :blobaww:

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Ronnie Anne and her token asian friend, found a faster and easier way to get some mula for a ninnindo swatch and 3 RTX Titan X this summer.

Check out Hawt Sweaty Bichis and other dumb parodies in Zoomer Time, now on sale.

Phingas & Perv have a new Beach, feat Candela. Keep your eyes peeled for some unfamiliar faces. A 15 pages comic (this and more), you can get it at:

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The new Episode of La Candy Van is Now Available!
You can get your issue here:

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First on the Line up the man you either love or hate
@Garabato with a brand new story of 15 pages

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Is that time of the year where you sweat like a bitch and smell like an ugly bastard.
Candy Van is back in the new seasonal issue with Zoomer Time

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