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Remember that I am a terrible manager, so don't expect anything, but by popular demand, you can find me in there.

Apparently, after around 75 days, Gmrod finally contacted us. And We actually received part of the money of the sales. So who knows maybe there is a future for it 🙌 :blobrainbow:
Thank you for those who supported that comic.

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And it's over. Thanks to the leaker of the previous SU comic who ruined the punchline, the uncensored version of this one is not online.

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What should I do on the next @LaCandyVan comic? (Question for those who actually got and get that comic)

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My comic for this season anthology. ☀️

This time Toph will get that life-changing experience she always wanted with Zuko.

You can get this story and more at:

Of course this was finished some time ago. But if I never post the original, that bastard leaker can't share it :anidab_right:

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Let's see if that leaker piece of shit son of a bitch can leak the original of this one.

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The SU comic was meant to be posted on April's Fool. But since it was leaked before that, I tried to make something similar with the previous TLH comic.
A bad ending for the day and the "good ending", but thanks to that fucker now we only have this. 🤷‍♀️

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Originally sketched last year and finished on February with the idea to post page "b" on April's Fools day. Sadly it got leaked some weeks before that. That's why I have been fuking pissed of which had some influence in the last TLH mini comic.

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Another few stickers for the public❤️🔥First one says "Small tits are the best" and the 2nd doesn't translate as well, hehehe. I'll be posting some WIPs later today, so if anyone is interested, stay tuned ❤️

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