Hey there everyone ~ Did you miss me?
Enjoy this commissioned piece by one of my frequent customers.

I have more to share soon, but for now I must retire to bed for work in the morning.

Good night everyone :blobowo:

Nene and Anna belong to CCubed

Carter Β© Gaoru/KG90

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@Dorothy That goes double for you Doro-chan~ Thank you πŸ”†

@Gaoru I'm glad to see you back
I hope you're doing well and please sleep tight

@Dorothy Always happy to be back ~
I'm pretty okay so far just very exhausted lately @ _ @
I hope you've been well too.
Can't wait to show you all the new work I have in store ~!

@Gaoru I look forward to it~
Fingers crossed there's loli butts :uwu_cirno:

@Dorothy Oh don't you worry! There's gonna be LOTS of loli butts and peaches filling every piece :blobowoevil:

@Dorothy Oh I have something very special planned for you Doro-Chan ~
I hope you like Werewolf boys :blobowoevil: :blobsmirk:

@Gaoru Oh my :blobeyes:
I'll be sure to lay down a towel just in case

@Gaoru I just did laundry, so I only have...

Two towels
How will I manage :cry_cirno:

@Dorothy Don't you worry : )
He always brings spares with him just in case ~
Not that he minds you dripping afterwards |3c

@Gaoru Welcome back \o/ I hope you have a good rest

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