A birthday gift for my brother @lpawz :blobcheer:
featuring my two females; The Succubus Queen Yoshiko and the plumpy puppy Bianca, having some fun with the birthday boy :bloblewd:
This is just part one of a set of pictures for the birthday boy :blobowoevil: I wonder what else is in store for him :blobheartcat:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! Enjoy the onslaught of lewds I have prepared for you >83c
And I hope you all enjoy as well! :blobcheer:

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@Gaoru @lpawz super cute and clean art!!! i love the paneling too, you must be good at comics :blobaww: and happy birthday to pawz!!!

@onegai @lpawz That seriously means a lot coming from you Onegai! I'm so happy you like it! I am currently working on a few comics and a huge one with Pawz that we're hoping to release soon! X3

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