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2/4 Commission order for a client on Inkbunny :blobowo:
featuring their beautiful cat-coon MILF Tessa Cruz
having a very intimate close encounter with my werewolf Renaldo. :bloblewd:

Tessa needed some much needed attention and affection with her husband being away on set all day.
Renaldo was more than happy to oblige. :blobowoevil:

Tessa Cruz belongs to CCubed

Renaldo Zaragoza and art ยฉ Gaoru

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๐ŸŒด Animal Crossing : Lewd Horizons


(Sorry for the re-upload. Had to fix a spelling error)

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First time with a werewolf can be pretty rough :blobowoevil:
Sharks are my weakness :blobsweat:
Renaldo (Werewolf) is mine
Maddie (Sharkgirl) belongs to a freind of mine.

Artist Note : Re-uploading an improved version.

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A gift for my brother @lpawz featuring his two adorable kittens, Tenori and Pawsky with my female pup Bianca.

I drew/flat colored it and he helped with the background and wonderful highlights. Thanks again brother!

Also, this is just part one in a large set of pictures, so if I manage to hit 300 or 400 watchers, I'll post the next part (when it gets good :bloblewd: ) as a celebratory gesture!

Enjoy! :blobcoffee:

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Thanks for your patience everyone, this is the long awaited sequel to me and my brother @lpawz 's collaborative picture set as celebration for me finally reaching 3k watchers on IB and 300 on baraag. Thank you all for being such supportive fans. Enjoy. Comments are welcome, I'll be sure to respond!

ใ‘ใฃใ—ใ‚‡ใ†ใฐใ‚“ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ใšใ ใ‚ˆ

The next Gift requested for my amazing bro! @Gaoru 

Once Eli finished with him, (She dont want to looks tired) She offers to clean all mess they did with some licking while give us a nice view of her inside, But something that she was not expecting is the deep cleaning.

What will be next one? Muahaha, Jamie, Eli and Lo-lee finished for this round. now is turn of some squids that like playing with ink.

Eli (Loli Succubus) @lpawz
Jamie @Gaoru

As Dropcell gave me his permission, I'm posting some sketches he did based on my Cheerleader!Lisa idea for my potential Ms. Cantwell comic (

There are a lot of them, so it will take me a while. Enjoy it!

Now for the next requested pic for the gifts of my bro @Gaoru 

Is time to show what is able to handle the little succubus, anyway was her fault to use her powers to be so small for this occasion, even with her powers limited after have damaged a horn and that the other was completely lost she still have a lot of lewd power to spread. (i will tell more about her and her characters once i make her profile public :3)

Eli (Loli Succubus) @lpawz
Jamie @Gaoru


She's A Loli Shiny Gardy, what else can you ask for?

Super duper belated birthday request set for my awesome Brobro! @Gaoru

Continuing with the fun with this 3 :blobcatbreadpeek:

Eli (my little succubus) to keep teasing the situation is starting to join more to the fun, so while Jamie is giving a good Pounce to Lo Lee. The next one for sure Eli will show to the kitty how to ride a man.

More coming!!
Eli (Succubus girl) , Lo Lee (Kitty Idol) and Artwork ยฉ Me

Jamie ยฉ @Gaoru

Welp that's all for now folks. Time to head to work. More to come soon ~ Thanks for all the comments and likes. I'll be sure to respond :blobowo:

Peace :blobcool:

Renaldo strikes again; giving this nerdy chica's puss some much needed attention ~ :yanagiyuu_heart3:

Commission for an anon client.

Character belongs to client
Art and Renaldo ยฉ @Gaoru

Cute fluffy-bun commission I made for an anon client.

Panties and socks are the best ~ especially when they're striped :blobmelt:

Character belongs to client

Nerdy girl commission I made for an anon client

Pan and No-Pan alts included :yanagiyuu_heart3:

Character belongs to client

Havin no mate when in heat is a real modern day issue, hope no unfortunate soul stumbles into her lair durin such a dangerous time.

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