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A gift for my brother @lpawz featuring his two adorable kittens, Tenori and Pawsky with my female pup Bianca.

I drew/flat colored it and he helped with the background and wonderful highlights. Thanks again brother!

Also, this is just part one in a large set of pictures, so if I manage to hit 300 or 400 watchers, I'll post the next part (when it gets good :bloblewd: ) as a celebratory gesture!

Enjoy! :blobcoffee:

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A birthday gift for my brother @lpawz :blobcheer:
featuring my two females; The Succubus Queen Yoshiko and the plumpy puppy Bianca, having some fun with the birthday boy :bloblewd:
This is just part one of a set of pictures for the birthday boy :blobowoevil: I wonder what else is in store for him :blobheartcat:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! Enjoy the onslaught of lewds I have prepared for you >83c
And I hope you all enjoy as well! :blobcheer:

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Part two in the massive birthday gift set I made for my brother @lpawz featuring my Succubus Queen Yoshiko with her favorite pet! Look at him, the poor birthday boy can barely contain himself~! :bloblewd:

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A picture I drew for my brother @lpawz featuring himself with my loli succubus Yoshiko :bloblewd:
She's quite the demanding partner. Hopefully she doesn't drain him too badly!

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An old birthday gift for my brother @lpawz featuring one of our canon pairings; Pawsky and Spencer :blobcat: Her birthday hat is a joke on her personality

im baby and if i wanna be squished and crushed by my husbando then nothing can stop me!

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My respect and appreciation to that artist who know how to draw genitalia. You are the real Heroes. :blobcatcoffee: and when you mix it with excellent expressions that make it a perfect +18 art. :blobuwu: And of course a proper drawn penetration if this is the case. That is not just a stick on a hole :blobsadreach:

Enjoy everyone. Time for me to get ready for the grind. Peace.

The last thing I'll upload today before I leave.
Part ten of my massive gift for @lpawz featuring his two characters Shky and Akari again.
I'm very proud of how this one turned out a lot.

Comments are welcome, thanks

Here is part nine in this massive birthday tribute to/for my brother
Featuring his two flagship characters, Tenori and Shky once again but this time when they were younger.

Comments are welcome

Gonna upload some stuff here before I have to go to work so here is part eight in this massive birthday tribute to/for my brother
Featuring his MILF character Gabriella once again giving her son the ride of his life.

Comments are welcome


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@pettankon and my current furry oc ive been drawing too. i dont have much lore for any of the sonas or the oc.. and i used to have a bunch of harry potter OCs i rped on forums haha.. seeing people like you and others drawing so many ocs has made me wanna revisit drawing some of mine :blobcatmelt:

how do people draw so fast gghh
i procrastinate too much



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