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A gift for my brother @lpawz featuring his two adorable kittens, Tenori and Pawsky with my female pup Bianca.

I drew/flat colored it and he helped with the background and wonderful highlights. Thanks again brother!

Also, this is just part one in a large set of pictures, so if I manage to hit 300 or 400 watchers, I'll post the next part (when it gets good :bloblewd: ) as a celebratory gesture!

Enjoy! :blobcoffee:

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Thanks for your patience everyone, this is the long awaited sequel to me and my brother @lpawz 's collaborative picture set as celebration for me finally reaching 3k watchers on IB and 300 on baraag. Thank you all for being such supportive fans. Enjoy. Comments are welcome, I'll be sure to respond!

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An old birthday gift for my brother @lpawz featuring one of our canon pairings; Pawsky and Spencer :blobcat: Her birthday hat is a joke on her personality



Juizzy Fruits: BERRY SALAD!

NSFW Bit on Juizzy Fruits: Peachy's New Friends! U can read it on other websites, but you can read Berry Salad Pages here on my Page.

** Get the FULL-RES, TXTLESS, LUBELESS versions of the Pages on Muh Patreon!**

Washed Ashore Pic Series!

Featuring Berry, Gava, Kiwi, and Washed up Mandick on the shore.

Im gonna start Making Pic Series to boost Up Juizzy Fruits activity

Hey hey!!
I drew this amazing character :3 a commission for

Man I love draw this kind of characters :3 Im not used to draw oppais but with help and patient I finally did it!!! :3
Hope you like it :3
Have a nice LIFE!!!
:woah: :woah: :woah: :woah: :woah: :woah: :woah: :woah:

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