My current 'tumblrized' twitter setup. Had to redo it since new twitter rolled out. Used the Stylish extension for Chrome to customize it! Don't mind my tabs, I was too busy to close them. The lovely pearlmethyst smut is by @[email protected]

Jade brings her bestie Juniper Lee to the beach! Just gals being pals~

Made my baraag look like tumblr using Stylish!
love that ~hellsite aesthetic~
cameo by @biscuit 's nessa pic


Can't believe they leaked the evolved form of Impidimp, Freekideek!

A friend showed me how much Impidimp reminded them of Freddie Freaker, so I made him into a pokemon!

doodled up my OC girls the other day! They're girlfriends~ If you have any requests for cute lewds of them, let me know!

Turning my Luna/Ginny ship doodles into my own OC couple, since they only sorta looked lite the characters to begin with~ Just a couple gals being pals and making each other cum. Name suggestions welcome for both of them!

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