Pearl and Connie starting the morning off with a bang~

A commission for my pal @ItsYaBoiVox, DM me for commission info~

She sleeps with her workers most days, but she has a big thing for her secretary. The secretary wants to keep things professional, but loves the attention and succumbs to the queen's charm more often than she'd like to admit. 2/2

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Some Buggy OCs~ ๐Ÿ
She's the queen bee and she runs the hive like a company. She doesn't take the job too seriously and has her secretary take control of all the boring business stuff. 1/2

A request from my Discord, Brock and Misty in Steven Universe style~

Followed a color experiment from YouTube, where you paint using only value in black and white, then reveal all the random color you've used at the end. The thought is if you get value right, you can get away with any color. This Garnet is a belated birthday pic for @[email protected]

I'm telling you guys, is gonna sweep the nation!
Get in early on the craze, so you can claim you drew her before it was cool~
Big thanks to @[email protected] for making me realize I was down to clown. ๐Ÿคก๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ†

My current 'tumblrized' twitter setup. Had to redo it since new twitter rolled out. Used the Stylish extension for Chrome to customize it! Don't mind my tabs, I was too busy to close them. The lovely pearlmethyst smut is by @[email protected]

Jade brings her bestie Juniper Lee to the beach! Just gals being pals~

Made my baraag look like tumblr using Stylish!
love that ~hellsite aesthetic~
cameo by @biscuit 's nessa pic

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