as I said a few days ago we finally are 10k on baraag! thank you everyone! I will keep working hard to bring you great content :rapunzel: :vanellope: :yanagiyuu_heart3: :yanagiyuu_heart3:

@offbrandmaniac thanks! for pixiv i use anna and elsa 2 of my favourite girls so now i use vanellope and rapunzel other 2 of my favourite loiis X)

@GR_art My two fav girls! With feet and bondage! You're spoiling me! x3 :yanagiyuu_heart3: Please keep it up tho! ;)

@ButterscotchLollipop im glad you like it! i will draw more of them in the future :)

@GR_art congrats man! I'm glad to hear you are getting the popularity you deserve

@Lyk_Mi thank you! im happy a lot of people like my work :rubygloom:

@GR_art Big congrats, you've worked hard for that achievement! I'm more than happy to be one of those followers! :)

Love Rapunzel's belly, the inventive hair bondage domination and Vanellope's teasing face and glorious ass! XD

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