i really love this girl
jeanette is my favourite character from 80's-90's X)

@GR_art I'm torn between her and Brittany, but all three Chipettes are hot as fuck.

@arneyblay yeah i love the three girls but jeanette is special X)

@GR_art id make sure the glasses and her feet are covered in cum😋

@GR_art She was absolutely my favorite chipette, and favorite overall character in the franchise (Simon being a very close second).

@Starstream she way my favorite too X) probably my favorite from all the cartoon characters of that time

@GR_art I'm pretty sure shes responsible for my glasses fetish

Is that Jeanette, one of the Chipettes aka chipmunk girls in the 1983 TV show “Alvin and the Chipmunks"?

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