Today is a special day!
Today i will start to post my comic "Royal Hearts" i hope you like it!
i wil post a comic weekly and if you are on my fanbox you can see the actual comics, now we are in chapter 6 :)

you can see this and much more exclusiva content on my fanbox
i will post something much better later ;)

another cute pictures of elsa with her sexy mom :)if you see some resemblance to this picture is just a coincidence XD

this is a preview of one of my exclusive content of my fanbox if you want to see all the versions i will leave the link here :)

and the last two (hehe yes I should do something yuri)
they are paty and popis from the show "el chavo animado" is a very popular show here on mexico
i like these girls, maybe i do more in the future X)

ok the second one is much more dificult she is from some mexico internet commercials, i think she don't have a name but is really cute a many people of mexico know her X)

today is a special day here on mexico so i decide post a little special of 4 Mexican lolis, really, this girls were created and animated in Mexico you probably don't know them XD
the first one is Teodora Villavicencio from legend quest

this is the first part of a CG of 10 pictures about wendy and pacifica from gravity falls, so yeah is related to the las CG of Mabel and wendy :P
these CG's are exclusive content of my FANBOX

Some simpsins incest.

Good Maggie pics are rare to come by so why not make one myself.

this is the exclusive content that i made during August, you can join us on FANBOX to see this content and much more what do I do every week :)

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