Toon Beauties Magazine continues with the Lolirock girls, this time is Iris who will show us how cute she can be, I hope you like it.

The new Episode of La Candy Van is Now Available!
You can get your issue here:

@CulturedLunatic If the "ugly bastard" get the cute loli in most doujin, does that mean "handsome mans" get the "ugly lolis" πŸ€” ~ Mia

Ripped from the 80s...

New reward available: Minx, from Jem and The Holograms.
Full resolution available for Fanbox subscribers only:

The "OddParents" creator, is a PROLIFIC animator, whom I greatly respect.
…but less so after reading some of his shitty behavior.

Let’s celebrate my newfound disappointment with an old strip from 2018!

Some more Audrey and Stu (idk y like this pairing), took him back to her hang out to play~


That thing is bigger than her torso. Just saying.

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