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If you didn't know...
Contact me in the DM's if you want!

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Long time no see, been busy all week.
Here's a render of a girl everyone forgot about!
Model by: @ibooperfooper

Find all my content collected in one place:

I keep seeing people using the πŸ”ž emoji to represent something is 18+ but isn't the emoji named underage? Like it is supoosed to represent no adults allowed? :thinking_cirno:
Im the only one who noticed this? Is the reason why i don't use it. :hwinning:

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Persona 5 - Velvet Room Three in SFM.

Comes with a rig, eye tracking, finger posing and facial flexes!

Thank you to @GAMIR_SFM for the original rigs
And thanks to @MajorCrasher for requesting it


Skye grabs Strix's hotdog.
Was struggling to make this render since i had long power outrages lately... Kinda why i haven't uploaded anything.

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