I apologize for taking so long on re-uploading this, had to fix some issues that were eating away at my artistic brain xp. But anyhoo~ here's a horni bf looking to seduce -w-

A 3k twitter follows animation, just another to add onto the pile of wips lol

i can't feel my shoulder after making this fhjklfhgjl, making this a gif is being a bithchf

plz help I'm gonna die from fangirling over this fkljfkljhk :blobaww: :blobheartcat: :blobartist:

Wanted to do some body positivity, so this may be the closest I'll get to drawing my self in my current style. but I just love it when I can cum just from anal only, and just had to do a lil' dance for it -w-

Tried some finncest, went absolutely out of control and I love it.


I read every comment and every message and I'm thankful for each one. But I don't reply cuz it's only gonna be awkward and hurt my mentality. This has been a problem my whole fucking life and I can't stand it anymore. It's like my dumbass brain can't learn from it, and I feel like I was born some psychopath and that fucking scares me. Like I'll never be able to be social at all and be stuck a lonely asshole. I apologize to everyone I have offended and hope you realize it's a me problem.

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I really feel like a horrible person. I never get the courage to be able to speak to anyone, and when I do I'm always so hesitant and it rubs people the wrong way and makes me look like an idiot and an asshole. I don't mean to be antisocial, I would love to just talk about something. But figuring out what to talk about is difficult for me. Even having the energy to start it is like pushing a brick wall mentally. If I wasn't such a fat pos and so fucking dumb I'd have friends and a chance

Still been sitting on this animation for longer than I want to lol. Added some color and smoothened it out some more. Hope I can do myself justice and actually finish something big

been pretty stressed the last two weeks, have some self indulgent nut busting umu

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