Rem, wearing Subaru scented tracksuit while rubbing her.... and looking at photos 

And I'm finally done with this commission. Had a hard time drawing her delicious nipples. which can be seen in full glory on my Patreon.

Bari the Posion Talisman flinging priestess from Destiny Child (Mobile Game). Also known by the community as the Goddess of Ass.

I am drawing Bari, the poison talisman flinging thicc oriental sorceress concubine prostitute exorcist from Destiny Child.

This is the current WIP.

The finished Uncensored version will be available on my Patreon once it's finished! ^^

Commission slots are open if anyone is interested. Contact me via Discord.


Drawing Bari from the mobile game Destiny Child as a to celebrate my launch on Patreon!

Here's a rough sketch of what I'm drawing. Expect to see the finished full color lewd version on my Patreon~!

Rem, wearing Subaru scented tracksuit while rubbing her.... and looking at photos 

Vanilla-chan, a lewd girl who represents the soft vanilla you probably tasted earlier in your life but forgotten as you progressed in life being exposed to other more extreme genres there are out there. Simple head-pat to the true heroine genre who introduced the lewd art into your heads but remains forgotten in your memories.

work finished.

OC character who goes by the name DMB-San (Delicious Medium Breasts?) Was originally going to just be a sketch but I ended up coloring it on a random whim... :akkoshrug:

Chloe von Einzbern (20 years old), The Dangerously Sexy but Censored Beast.

Commission Work in Progress!! :akkoshrug:

秘書、事務員、ストッキング越しパンツ! OL・働く女の子特集です!


@Monosex won a brand new combo 1 commission for free! Thanks to everyone who participated on this contest: remember to check out if we make another flash contest.

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