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Come Have Sex With Me.

"You break into my family's home and you find me on my bed, naked, with an erection, waiting to be BROKEN INTO and entered...."

Man on Shota / coercion 

"You want to make the team, Aiden? This is how you make the team."

(sex)perimenting a bit with presentation and the like. Seeing if it's worth going slightly cel-shaded/stylized, instead of trying for something more realistic.

jahy commission from before hiatus ! ๐Ÿ‘

hirez + timelapse video is available in the most recent release folder on fanbox.

๐Ÿ’› support me:


Havoc Shortstacks Wang comm having fun in their headquarters. Involves my original character Nightshade, @cradle Turbo and Captain Ace along with @squishydork Gamemaster.

Ronnie Anne Santiago
Last month's Fanbox Request.

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